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Begun in 2003, Dean's Corner is very much an eclectic collection of information about my family and US history. Importantly, the web site is the product of invaluable contributions made by a number of family members and friends who have preserved family documents and keepsakes, and generously shared family stories, photos, and other items and information with me. Particular thanks go to my grandfather, DP Shrewsberry (who passed away before knowing his grandchildren), and his several siblings (including "Auntie" -- Rhoda Gerrie, Aunt Daisy and Uncle Erwin Kirkland, Aunt Emma Bagley, and Uncle Charlie Shrewsbury, all of whom I remember fondly); to my parents, Rhoda and Art DeRosa; and to my most immediate, beloved aunts, Cleo Rodgers, Dorothy Fowler, and Mary Shrewsberry. I am also deeply indebted to two elderly Groseclose cousins, Lura Butler (ID) and Mae Heslep (VA & NC), who in recent years have been extremely generous in sharing family information and insights with me. Finally, I would mention Great Uncle Ed and Aunt Dixie Groseclose. Their several hours of Idaho Oral History audio tapes, recorded in 1976, have been a wonderful font of information, listening pleasure, and inspiration to me.

Dean DeRosa
April 2009

Groseclose Contributors

Daisy Cochran, AZ
Raymond Groseclose, NC
Peggy Wunderlich, ID
Bonnie Morgan, WA
Larry & Kelly Wunderlich, ID
Kel Groseclose, WA
Kevin Herrington, OR
Diann Groseclose, ID
Larry Groseclose, ID
Andy & Jamie Brown, ID
Nancy & Lee Swanson, ID
George & Tom Groseclose, VA
Clark Groseclose, CA
Jim Wilson, VA
Tom Moser, VA
Marlene Lively, ID
Henry & Carole Berg, WA

Shrewsbury Contributors

Wendy Prescott, WA
Sandy & Neil Brandt, WA
Susan & Tom Rodgers, WA
Nancy Sanders, WA
David Shrewsberry, WA
Steve DeRosa, WA
Elena Walther, Germany
Jan Duann Johnson, WA
Jesica Lingo, WA
Jo Ellen Lagowski, WV
Hollie Price, VA
Dolly Weber, FL
Lynetta Murdoch, MD
Genevieve Sanders, OH
Martha Menzel, IL

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