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Celebrating Two Pioneer Virginia Families
& Their Descendents in the Pacific Northwest

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The Pioneer Immigrants
Peter Groseclose
Mary Magdalena (Ott) Groseclose
Jeremiah Solesbury
(Abt 1755-1809)
Mary Elizabeth (Clay) Solesbury
(Abt 1755-1798)
Sharon Church Cemetery
Ceres, Virginia
Maxey-Ferguson Cemetery
Spanishburg, West Virginia

1902 Emigrants to the Pacific Northwest
James A.T. Groseclose
Eliza Jane (Groseclose) Groseclose
Philip T. Shrewsbury
Iowa (Maxey) Shrewsbury
Fix Ridge Cemetery
Juliaetta, Idaho
GAR Cemetery
Snohomish, Washington

The J.A.T. Groseclose family of Ceres, VA, and the P.T. Shrewsbury family of Athens, WV traveled from SW Virginia to the Pacific Northwest aboard the same train in 1902. The Grosecloses settled in the Potlatch Valley of West Central Idaho, while the Shrewsburys settled in the small town of Snohomish in Western Washington. The Groseclose family that settled in the Potlatch Valley included not only the family of James and Eliza Jane, but also, from 1903 onwards, the families of Eliza Jane's two brothers, James ("Little Jim") Groseclose and Joseph Groseclose, and their respective wives, Susan and Laura.

1914 Union of the Two Families
Bessie M. (Groseclose) Shrewsberry
David P. Shrewsberry
GAR Cemetery
Snohomish, Washington

After emigrating with their families to the Pacific Northwest in 1902, Bessie and David corresponded for a period of 12 years before finally marrying in 1914, in the small community of Arrow Junction, Idaho. The marriage ceremony was most likely held at the New Sharon Lutheran Church founded by Bessie's brother, Rev. Albert Groseclose. Notwithstanding the engraved details on the headstone of Bessie and David's final resting place, Bessie was born in 1881, and David preferred "Shrewsberry" for the spelling of his family name.


History & Genealogy Resources


Groseclose Environs & History -- Ceres,

Early Photo of Ceres, VA

[ 2003 Groseclose Family Reunion Photos ]

[ 2009, 2012 Groseclose Family Reunion Stereoviews ]

[ Ceres, VA on the Map | Ceres Alumni Association | Old Ceres Images ]

[ About Peter Groseclose, Sr. (1730-1803) ]

[ Peter Sr.'s Chest | Antiques Roadshow Video, January 2007 (About Peter Sr.'s Chest?) ]
Is Peter's chest really Mary Magdelena's dowry chest?
(When viewing the video using Windows Media Player, right-click
on the video and choose the "zoom-full screen" option)

[ About Peter Groseclose, Jr. (1757-1805) & Eliza Jane Groseclose (1848-1930) ]

[ About Henry Groseclose (1771-1805) & JAT Groseclose (1841-1927) ]

[ JAT Groseclose Civil War Record & Photo | 51st Virginia Infantry | More Civil War Links ]

[ Groseclose Family Genealogy | An Interactive Groseclose Genealogy | Bland County Genealogy ]

[ Croy Papers & Rev. DB Groseclose | Groseclose Genealogy Forum ]

[ Kimberling Lutheran Cemetery | Sharon Lutheran Cemetery | Sharon College School | Marion College ]

[ Groseclose Family Photos -- Watch for additions or follow DeansCornerNews on Twitter! ]

[ Early Groseclose Family Images ]
(Presentation, 2012 Groseclose Family Reunion)

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Pacific NW Groseclose Environs & History -- Juliaetta, Idaho
(1900/02 Onwards)

Early Photo of Juliaetta, ID

[ Our Picnic, A Poem for Bessie Groseclose, 1900 ]

[ Westward from Virginia to Idaho, A Remembrance, 1950, by Rev. AL Groseclose ]

[ Dear Brother: Letters from Idaho, 1902-1904 ]
JAT Groseclose letters to his brother, Adam Dallas Groseclose
(Follow link & download digital copy)

[ US Patents for Idaho Lands Issued to Groseclose & Ceres, VA Families, 1906-1920 ]

[ In Their Own Words: Correspondence of David P. Shrewsberry & Bessie M. Groseclose, 1905-1914 ]
(Please send email, identify yourself & request a digital copy)

[ Levi Groseclose & the Big Bear, 1913 ]

[ Edward Groseclose & Potlatch Valley Pioneers, 1983 ]


The Three Allied Groseclose Families
of the Potlatch Valley of Idaho

James A.T. & Eliza Jane
Groseclose Family


James Jackson & Susan
Groseclose Family

Joseph Combs & Laura
Groseclose Family

Groseclose Migration to Idaho, 1900-1904
(2009 Groseclose Family Reunion Presentation, Notes & Handouts)

[ Missouri Valley Special Collection, Kansas City Public Library: Rev. AL Groseclose ]

[ Juliaetta, ID on the Map | More Groseclose Poetry: Juliaetta & The Potlatch ]

[ Lura (Groseclose) Butler: 90th Birthday Celebration, 2007 ]

[ Northern Pacific Railway Map 1900 (with Potlatch Valley Waypoint) ]

[ Juliaetta-Kendrick Heritage Foundation ]

[ Latah County GenWeb Project | Founders' Photo: Lutheran Church at Arrow, c. 1915 ]

[ Idaho State Historical Society | ISHS Oral History Collection ]

[ Latah County Oral History Project, University of Idaho Library Collection ]
Contact DeansCorner about Groseclose oral histories in the collection)

[ Latah County Historical Society | Kendrick-Juliaetta & the 7 Ridges ]

[ Juliaetta, ID on the Map | Fix Ridge Cemetery | Juliaetta Cemetery ]

[ Pacific NW Groseclose Cousins -- Join Interactive Family Web Site & Email List! ]
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[ Rhoda DeRosa's Groseclose Family Photo Album, c.1914-c.1985 ]
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The First Groseclose Family to Settle in Idaho

Jacob & Elizabeth Groseclose Family

"Jake" Groseclose & The Long Valley Ambush of 1878
(The Story behind the Idaho State Road Marker)


First Groseclose Family to Settle in Washington

Emery Hartwell Groseclose (1848-1936), a descendent of Peter Jr., was born in Rural Retreat, VA. As a young man, he migrated to Illinois, where he married. After relocating to Kansas, he became widowed with four children. In about 1890, he migrated with his family to Walla Walla, Washington, and later (about 1915) to Seattle, Washington. In the photo are Emerson and his children: Ada (standing), Arthur, Benjamin, and Lucille.

(Though not a matter of official record, Emery Groseclose served in his father's place in the Wythe County Militia for a time during the Civil War, at the tender age of 14!)

[ Groseclose Family Photos -- Watch for Additions or Follow
DeansCornerNews on Twitter! ]

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Shrewsbury Environs & History -- Spanishburg,
West Virginia

Recent Photo of Spanishburg, WV Area

[ Athens/Spanishburg Photos, 2003 ]

[ Solesbury Monument 2009 ]

[ About Jeremiah Solesbury (Shrewsbury) & Early Descendents** ]

[ Interactive Maxey Family Tree with WV Shrewsbury Family Entries ]

[ 1927 History of Spanishburg Community | Spanishburg, WV on the Map ]

[ Solesbury-Meador Family Group  | Maxey-Ferguson Cemetery, Spanishburg** ]

[ WV Gravestone Iconography | Battle of Point Pleasant Camp Song ]

[ West Virginia Archives and History | West Virginia Tombstone Project ]

[ Mercer County Historical Society | Clay Memorial Park Foundation (Mitchell Clay Family) ]

[ Mercer County Genealogy | Shrewsbury Genealogy Forum | West Virginia Genealogy ]

[ Early WV Shrewsbury-Maxey Family Photos ]
(Follow link & download "Mom's WV Shrewsbury Family Photos" -- Please help
identify the unnamed landmarks, locations & individuals in the photos)

[ Shrewsbury Family Photos -- Watch for Additions or Follow DeansCornerNews on Twitter!]

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Pacific NW Shrewsbury Environs & History -- Snohomish,Washington
(1902 Onwards)

1914 Photo of Snohomish, WA

[ Philip & Iowa Shrewsbury Family ]
Photos of all members of Philip & Iowa Shrewsbury Family now included!

[ Family Heirlooms: Iowa Shrewsbury's Sun Bonnet & Dress Apron ]

[ Transcribed Family Records of Births, Marriages, & Deaths, 1800-1924 ]

[ Northern Pacific Railway Map 1900 (Indicating a Terminus at Everett, Washington) ]

[ Early Maps: Snohomish c. 1890 | Puget Sound 1891 | Port Townsend 1878 ]

[ Snohomish, Washington on the Map Today ]

[ Washington State Digital Archives | Online Washington State Encyclopedia ]

[ Snohomish County, Washington USGenWeb Project ]

[ Sno-Isle Genealogy Society | Snohomish Genealogy Links | Snohomish County Local History ]

[ Snohomish Visitors Information Ctr | Snohomish Historical Society | 150th Year Anniversary ]

[ Thumbnail Histories: Snohomish County | Boomtown Everett | Everett ]

[ In Their Own Words: Correspondence of David P. Shrewsberry & Bessie M. Groseclose, 1905-1914 ]
(Please send email, identifying yourself & requesting a digital copy)

[ Pacific NW Shrewsbury Cousins -- Join Interactive Family Web Site & Email List! ]
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[ Shrewsbury Family Photos -- Watch for Additions or Follow DeansCornerNews on Twitter!]

[ Daisy Kirkland's Recipe for "Washing Liquid" | Hand-Written Original ]

[ Oil on Canvas Paintings by Daisy Kirkland ]

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History & Genealogy

New River-SW Virginia & Civil War History

[ A History of The Middle New River Settlements, by David E. Johnston (1906) ]

[ The New River Heritage Series & Books on Mercer County by William Sanders ]

[ SW Virginia Imagebase | New River Notes | SW Virginia History & Genealogy ]

[ Virginia Heritage Database | Virginia Historical Society | Library of Virginia ]

[ VA Dept of Historic Resources | VA Highway Markers | VA Marker Database Search ]

[ Virginia Plantations | James River Plantations ]

[ Library of Congress -- Chronicling America ]

[ US War Dept -- The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records
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[ Civil War News ]

[ Civil War Trust | The Battle of Third Winchester ]

[ Virginia Center for Civil War Studies | Civil War Research Center & Reunions ]

[ Civil War Rosters | Virginia Civil War Homepage | The Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley ]

[ The Civil War in Virginia | Virginia Infantry Regiments ]

[ Virginia in the Civil War Message Board ]

[ People and Military Units in the Shenandoah Valley during the Civil War ]

[ Memoirs of Col. John S. Mosby | Mosby Heritage Area (N. Virginia) | Mosby Grave ]

[ Valley of the Shadow Project ]

[ 36th Virginia Infantry ("Capt. Henry") | 51st Virginia Infantry ("Lt. Grose" & Adam Dallas) ]

[ 51st VA Infantry, Co D (Facebook) ]

[ 36th & 51st VA Infantry Engagements with Civil War Chronology, 1860-1865 ]
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[ Gen. Gabriel Wharton  | Gen. Jubal Early & II ]

[ Col. August Forsberg Memoir ]

[ Groseclose Confederate Soldiers from Virginia ]

[ Fort Stevens, July 1864 | Battle of Opequon (3rd Winchester), Sept 1864 ]

[ Confederate Soldier's Letter Reporting Capture of Lt. Grose & Adam Dallas at 3rd Winchester ]

[ The Battle of Waynesboro, March 1865 (with Brief 51st VA History) ]

[ Civil War Prison Camps | Fort Delaware | Point Lookout ]

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Maps & Photography

[ Library of Congress Map Collections | Univ. of Alabama Maps | Google Maps ]

[ Early Maps of Washington State, Puget Sound & the Pacific Northwest ]

[ US Historical Archive Maps & Photos | USGS Geographic Names Information System ]

First & Union Streets, Snohomish, WA, c.1910
(Photographer possibly D.P. Shrewsberry)

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